Te Araroa Trail – Jan/Mar ’20

Hello! Through hiking Making Tracks promotes the understanding, appreciation, and protection of our incredibly beautiful backyard. The tramping focus is bound to the continent of Australia, and its many and varied landscapes.

That said, in January-March 2020, I hiked the incredible Te Araroa Trail in Aotearoa/New Zealand. So to celebrate the anniversary of hitting the trail, here is a selection of my favourite photos and moments from the hike.

Over sixty-three days I crossed over the countryside, and not a day passes I don’t reflect on the special time I spent on the ‘TA’. To complement these photos, I’ve written a glimpse of this in my ‘Back Home..’ stint of writing, you can read this here.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope my photos have captured an essence of what it was like to be on trail.

Happy trails,


During the week I study wilderness at University of Tasmania, I campaign with the Wilderness Society, and on days off I hike in the Tassie Wilderness World Heritage Area. You could say I’m a wilderness tragic. Outside of wilderness I’m a sucker for melody, cook a mean pasta, and need a third dot point.

You can follow me on Instagram here.

Hiking, tramping, trekking – whatever you call making your way across the land by foot – is an ancient activity. The original inhabitants of Aotearoa/New Zealand, the Maori, have travelled across the land by foot for aeons. Pathways have been trodden into song-lines and stories that are, in some cases, millennia’s old. Many modern-day paths, including portions of long distance trails such as the Te Araroa, incorporate these routes as part of the journey.

I pay my respects to the many and varied iwi and hapū whose land I was able to traverse and appreciate on my journey across Te Waipounamu/South Island.

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