This morning I woke up and jumped straight into my (now routine) morning run around the block and along the edge of the Brisbane river. Pretty typical start to the day in this part of the world. All the while I was basking in the classic Brissy summer warmth sweating away, and I get to thinking – how good would a nice cool oceanic body of water be right now?! Each step I kept thinking of going for a dip at the end of the road..

Truth be told I do long for the crisp southern ocean waters that have beaten Victoria into the unique shape it is. Working closely to and with it, teaching about it, advocating protection and respect of it – all brought me closer to really knowing and even feeling the place. Nowhere does the coast make such a noise against resilient rocky cliffs like the southern coast of my home.

It can be harsh and rough, or on the right wind (or lack thereof), as flat as a tack.

Some days I’d rock on down to Pickering Point in Warrnambool and be caught completely off guard. Other times I’d race home in Anglesea and out to the cliffs to stare down the easterly gale and waves berating the weak sandy base of those towering cliffs. Then the next day inspect the damage and litterally watch huge swathes of ancient cliff be swept back into the big blue.

Or, at the Prom, we could race to the top of invading sand dunes and in the glow of another stunning sunset cast shadows towards a placid Corner Inlet and our eyes to a confused Cape Paterson jutting out into Bass Strait.

Living and not necessarily travelling away from my roots has made going home something ultra special, more so than ever. When you’re making and carving a home out of a new scenario and location – for me, Brisbane and south east Queensland – the differences in climate, culture, terrain and what every else that I’m adjusting to make returning highlight the subtle (and massive) variations in the same land mass so much more obvious.

The same way when sojourning overseas you’ll notice how much better or worse (mostly better) we have it, I’ve felt it without crossing any body of marine water (sorry Tassie, it’s been a while I know!). Given those areas down south are what I know ultra well and are the basis for so many killer adventures and memories, I radiate towards them – even long for them, like I did this morning.


Like never before we can move around comparing and experiencing new terrain, and that’s pretty awesome!


Photos from our last trip down the incredibly beautiful south eastern coast can still be viewed here.

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